Alice Cooper #2 Review

The Rock God is having some of his own issues but  especially in this one “Oh Buddy!” Read on to find out more.

Alice Cooper has escaped the dark clutches of Lucius Black only to find himself in thrall to a new master. But if the “Lord of All Nightmares” hopes to ever control his own destiny and restore his shock n’ roll legacy, he’ll have to put some more bullies in their place first.

When I first heard of this comic, I thought it was going to be a campy 4157587-02-ricomic about Alice Cooper having to do some ridiculous things, however, I have been proven wrong. It is really a totally different comic. The first issue we had Alice having Lucius as his master but when this was released no one would want him but it seems that we have tons of people that want the great Lord of Nightmares. This issue we are a new master who is not your conventional bad guy but in this world they are. So we have Alice and his “friends” that are trying to stop the evil towards them  but there has to be some obstacles and these people are nuts. We have the new master but, also, some other bad guys and they are  not good.

Joe Harris is a really great writer. He has surprised me with this comic because it fun and insightful. You will really be surprised by the way that this comic brings forth so many new and interesting things. It is great.

Eman Casallos is a really dark and cool artist. This comic is not cartoon but a new take on the genre. It is slick, interesting, and dark. All parts of this comic are fantastic. The art is really sticking out for something I am completely excited about.

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