There’s only two issues left in this event, so one would expect some Ultron action here. Does #8 finally deliver the good stuff? If you’re into what ifs and alternate timeline stuff, you’ll like this comic. Otherwise it’s another disappointing issue.

Here’s the official description from Marvel:

With the Marvel Universe turned inside out, who will take responsibility for breaking the world? And is there any way to put it back? Wait until you see who is in charge of the new world order and how they got there. . .

A reality-spanning choice is made this issue that will affect the Marvel Universe for years and years to come.

Age of ULTRON is turning into the most disappointing comic event of all time. ULTRON doesn’t appear in this issue. In eight installments he has not made an appearance…in his own event. It was tolerable for the first five issues, but no longer. In the previous one, we saw the alternate, or rather new timeline which resulted in the death of Henry Pym. There is virtually no action, and while Ultron is referenced,  it just isn’t good enough. Truth be told, it’s a little better than the last issue, but still can’t be called ‘great.’

Brian Michael Bendis has crafted a very interesting new timeline. What’s up with ‘Colonel America?’ It’s stuff like that which makes the reader think. It’a intriguing, but at the same time all of it is here mainly for shock value instead of it actually being an age of Ultron. The best piece of dialogue is between Stark and Wolverine. Bendis packs some great humor and offers up a would-be solution to this timeline problem. The ‘Defenders’ are pretty much jokes and on the side. Their dialogue comes off as awkward and hollow. The deranged Iron Man is the best written character, but isn’t enough to save the issue. The uninspired cliffhanger didn’t help matters.

Brandon Peterson’s art is pretty solid throughout the issue. Tony Stark is amazingly done, fully capturing his rather deranged look in this new timeline. The main cover is another ‘alright’ one, it gets the job done in connection with the story. The Ultron variant is stunning, not quite as much the previous ones, but still an exciting cover. (And tease.)  Cover C is a rather dynamic one, showcasing Colonel America against some pretty awesome dragons, definitely one of the best covers yet.

Overall, the eighth Age of Ultron installment isn’t exactly the worst issue, that’d be the previous one. It’s just disappointing because the Ultron conflict is pushed to the side in favor of this alternate timeline thing. Sadly with just two issues left, it’s pretty much too late to start delivering the reason why this story exists in the first place.


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