Age of Ultron #7 Review

The seventh installment of Ultron’s big event is upon is. With the controversial ending of the last issue, we had no idea what to expect here. It’s an interesting setup but overall an extremely disappointing comic.

Here’s the official description from Marvel:

In an attempt to defeat Ultron two Marvel Heroes take it upon themselves to create an all-new Marvel Universe. But is the one they have created better or worse than the one they left behind? The event of the year just got INSANE!!

Wow, we’re seven issues in and guess what? Ultron doesn’t appear again. This issue changes the plot drastically. It’s not even an ‘Age of Ultron’ anymore. In fact, aside from the intro, he isn’t even mentioned by name at all in this issue. Longtime readers will find it interesting to see what the world is like since Henry Pym died before creating the robot menace. It’s more setup and shock than anything. Interesting, but nonetheless the worst issue yet.

I will give credit to Brian Michael Bendis on one thing, he can really write an unusual team-up well. Wolverine and Sue Storm is a pretty odd duo, and the dialogue shows that. It’s kinda awkward since the two have probably never spoken this much to each other before. Standouts include when Wolverine said, “Make some fancy force-fields or whatever you do” and Sue saying “Killing isn’t the answer to everything.” Funny stuff. Now obviously the big thing about this issue is seeing what the new Marvel world is like with no Hank Pym. The use of Skrulls might be jarring at this point, but there are some interesting things, mainly the ending. Of course, the title ‘Age of Ultron’ has no no meaning here, which is disappointing since this was supposed to be his big return into the Marvel Universe.

The art is once again divided between Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco. Peterson can draw some detailed dinosaurs, also Wolverine and Sue look great. Pacheco’s art is a little on the mixed side. It’s pretty identical, but throughout Sue’s face looked extremely off to the point where it’s cringe worthy. The main cover is a pretty standard shot of the new Marvel team calling themselves the ‘Defenders.’ The variant is quite stunning, it fully captures the grittiness of a Wolverine vs. Wolverine fight. And naturally the Ultron variant is the best of the bunch. Sadly it’s a tease of what we should be getting by now.

Overall, the most disappointing issue of Age of Ultron. I’m truly beginning to think this event is just using a popular Avengers’ villain on the title to tell a story that’s not about him, but about changing the Marvel Universe. With just three issues to go, I’m not sure anymore. It’s kinda disappointing when the highlight of an event issue is seeing a Tyrannosaurus Rex attempt to chomp on the two heroes. I’m truly hoping these final few issues will squeeze in enough Ultron action to make up for all this.



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