AGE OF ULTRON #10 Review

AGE OF ULTRON concludes. Does it the deliver the ‘epic conclusion’ it promised? Not quite.

Here’s the official description from Marvel:

THE FINALE! The biggest secret in comics will be revealed to you! An ending so confidential even the artists of this book don’t know what lies on the final pages! A surprise so big that comic book legend Joe Quesada himself returns to the pages of Marvel Comics to draw a sequence that people will be talking about for years. *All covers of Age Of Ultron #10 will be polybagged 

I was quite angry after putting down this comic. Before I continue, it’s important to mention that this issue may have worked if the ones leading up to it had been satisfying, but that’s not the case. One of the problems with this comic is that it’s not a conclusion. It sets things up for upcoming stories. If you’re looking forward to a climactic battle between the Avengers and the robot menace, you will be sorely disappointed.

Brian Michael Bendis teases people with Ultron finally appearing. What’s interesting is that some pages from Avengers 12.1 is reprinted. After a surprise warping to a battleground, a mild fight happens before the virus plan is put into effect. So ten issues without an appearance and this is what we get? Very disappointing for fans of the character. That’s not to say the writing is bad, Ultron’s dialogue is great. But his demise is ultimately anti-climatic given the circumstances. After that the issue takes a sharp turn to focus on the perils caused by the excessive use of time travel and setting things up for future stories. The Galactus scene was admittedly cool, but that’s about it. Angela appears accompanied by some pretty great dialogue. But I have to ask…what the heck was so huge about the ending? It’s very underwhelming. It was a bad move on Marvel’s part to spoil Angela appearing.

The art is pretty solid. The only problem I had was in the beginning, detail was lacking with Henry Pym. Once Ultron appears however, things got better. However, the best scene is Galactus’s splash page appearance, truly awe-inspiring. If there’s one good thing to be said about this comic, it’s the main cover. It’s one of the best comic covers I’ve seen in awhile. The Angela variant is a pretty nice wrap-around for the angelic heroine.

Overall, despite 9 issues of buildup, AGE OF ULTRON #10 doesn’t live up to the hype. It’s horribly anti-climactic and for the title antagonist, he deserved more than his few pages of screen time. The secretive ending turned out to really be nothing other than saying “Look what’s coming up in the Marvel universe!” Truthfully speaking, this will forever be known as the most disappointing event in Marvel history.


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