Be Afraid! DC COMICS Gives SINESTRO Ongoing Series


Fear-monger Sinestro has always been an expert in spreading terror, and now he’ll be able to do it on his terms. DC Comics has announced to Newsarama that the Green Lantern nemesis will be getting his own ongoing series starting April 16. The book will debut under the creative team of writer Cullen Bryan and artist Dale Eaglesham, and will be the sixth book in the Green Lantern family titles.


Although we don’t know what the opening story will be about yet, Newsarama does have some information to share on Sinestro’s state of mind at the beginning of the series.

…we can tell readers the new series finds Sinestro desperate having lost everything he’s ever loved – his home, family, and his only friend. But his one-time enemy/one-time Sinestro Corps recruit Lyssa Drak (who played a prominent role in September’s SinestroVillains Month one-shot) reminds him he’ll always have fear.

Sinestro hasn’t been heard from much since Green Lantern #20, the conclusion of Geoff Johns’ nine-year run on the intergalactic series. After fusing with Parallax, killing most of the Guardians of the Universe and reestablishing the Sinestro Corps, he departed to parts unknown. He recently popped up in Forever Evil #4 to fight Power Ring after Batman’s use of a Sinestro Corps ring caught his attention. The fight will continue in next month’s issue, but it’s safe to assume that Sinestro will probably kick Power Ring’s ass and help Luthor and the other Main Earth villains take down the Crime Syndicate.

Don't contradict me, Sinestro!

Don’t contradict me, Sinestro!

I can’t say anything bad about this announcement other than WHY?!?! Don’t get me wrong, as a Green Lantern fan I’m super-excited about this, but I’m already buying all the GL books except for Larfleeze (can’t stand that greedy little bastard). Now I have to throw down even more money for appease my addiction to ring-slinging adventures. Oh well, such is the life of a comic book reader.

One thing I hope this series will explain is Sinestro’s relationship with Parallax. Joining with the entity at the end of the Wrath of the First Lantern storyline, we saw that unlike Parallax’s previous hosts, Sinestro was able to control the entity rather than vice-versa. He released Parallax back into the power battery, but was later seen wearing his Parallax costume. Considering that Parallax wasn’t with the other entities when they returned to their “place of origin” during the Lights Out event, does this mean that Sinestro has re-bonded with the entity, or the very least still has it under his control?


Either way, I’m looking forward to the mustached villain dishing out his own brand of terror-induced justice. Four emotions from the emotional spectrum are headlining their own books, so it’s good that fear will finally get its own chance to shine.

SOURCE: Newsarama