Is Thaniel the kind of series that you should be adding to their pull list? Read on to find out.

The official description from OSSM Comics:

Throughout the universe there is one constant; everything dies. Growing up on the streets, losing everyone closest to him, Thaniel knows this harsh reality all too well. Born with a mysterious power that he’s struggling to control, Thaniel begins to wonder if those he loves are gone because of him.

thaniel0002Thaniel‘s the latest series from the relatively new OSSM Comics. Thaniel utilises one of the oldest concepts there is, good vs. evil. It does however take this concept to a new level, with the brutality and conviction of Thaniel working in harmony.

Omar Spahi handles the script for this issue, giving us a brilliant introduction to the world of Thaniel, whilst also leaving a bit of mystery to this supernatural character. It is however the powerful tone of the dialogue that impressed me the most, as it had it showed that Thaniel is a man that you don’t want to get on the wrong side of. Thaniel himself also proved to be a very intriguing part of this issue, with the brutal reaction that this shrouded figure has to evil adding a lot of punch to this comic. Thaniel isn’t however a completely violent character, as Spahi shows more depth to him during hishuman form, showing that this crusader does have a conscious.


Spahi’s fantastic script is matched perfectly by Terry Huddleston‘s art, with his style being a brilliant fit for this gritty tale. Huddleston’s black and white tone gives a dark and sombre tone to this story, with the red highlights emphasising the bloody violence. The magnificent tone isn’t the only thing that shines through in this issue, as Huddleston’s fantastic layouts and brilliant detail add a lot of depth to this powerful story. Huddleston doesn’t stop here, as he also helps to add to the story’s suspense and drama, with the facial expressions being very realistic as well as at times impactful.


Thaniel #1 proves to be a brilliant opening for this violent story, with the depth behind the character giving some structure. Added to that the fabulous artwork and you’d be a fool not to add this to your pull list. And if you don’t believe me just flip through it at your local comic book store come April 9th. Highly recommended.

  • + Omar Spahi writes a brutal yet sophistocated script.
  • + A terrific opening for  OSSM Comics' latest series.
  • + Terry Huddleston's black and white art with splashes of red gives a powerful tone for the story.
  • - Not a huge lot of Thaniel's background is revealed.

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