Abe Sapien #2 Review

The second installment of the new Abe Sapien Ongoing is here. I liked the first one, does Issue #2 deliver the same level of quality? It sure does, times two. Abe is quickly becoming one of my favorite comic characters.

Here’s the official description from Dark Horse:

Abe Sapien battles his way through terrible Ogdru Hem and human monsters as the world comes crashing down around him, on his quest to reveal his own role in the end of the world.

This is more of a passive issue than action. It highlights the chaos these monsters and infected humans are causing. We see our main character seek rest at a church, but things spark great activity there. Never has a comic so successfully captures this sheer level of panic among citizens, especially with a church backdrop. If the first issue was the bread-sticks, this one is the steak.

The team of Mike Mignola and Scott Allie write a very compelling Abe. We see him weary and seeks shelter in a church. He fights, but not cause he enjoys it or is a provoker. We see in the beginning Panya explaining to him how the world is changing. It’s an interesting and subtle dynamic that will most likely tie into future arcs. But the greatest parts take place within the church. I really like the first meeting between the pastor and Abe, the writing successfully captures how a Godly leader would react. It’s simple stuff like that which really highlight the story, since at that moment it could have gone the obvious route of having the pastor denounce him as a demon. It’s a shame what happens later, but it does create the atmospheric mood of panic.

Sebastián Fiumara’s art I really like. The giants and monsters look absolutely fantastic. Abe with his emotionless expression always looks consistent. This is definitely some of the best art from Dark Horse. The cover I find truly fantastic. Sometimes it’s subtle things like the main character and the shadow of a cross that make for a great piece.

Overall, the second installment of Abe Sapien shows us all the great things this title is made of. Atmospheric, good writing, scary looking monsters, and above all else one of the finest comic protagonists. With this issue I can safely say this series is something you should definitely be checking out.


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