7th Sword #5 Review

7th Sword_5Okay.. is anyone still reading this? 7th Sword #5 continues to offer unoriginal, uninspired story telling with a unique of setting that is constantly wasted as a result. 5 issues in, nothing seems to have changed in this regard.

The official description from IDW:

After far too little time together, Cray and his Students part ways—the latter setting off to storm the warlord Kavanaugh’s sandship, the former having booked passage back to Earth. But along the way, the reluctant warrior is faced with a choice. Will he follow the path before him, or follow the code he has lived by… to almost certain death?

I liked 7th Sword at first, I really did. Yet this is just another issue which follows a simple formula. It may be tried and tested, but it’s been done to death and it’s not even hidden. This time, the reluctant hero (Cray) has left, his dutie fulfilled. There’s just enough reminder of the pretty woman that may/may not fancy him and.. do you need the rest? The Last Samarai, Dances with Wolves etc… it’s a big old trope by now.

In terms of the writing, I’m not sure John Raffo’s even trying. As I said, the plot is predictable, almost painting by numbers. Whenever there’s a unique element involved, such as the fantasy-science mish-mash Raffo has going on, it’s sidelined. That spider woman from the first issue? Not present. The big robots seen here? Simple ignored in favor of more men with swords. Heck, the tense ‘action’ sequence is just a shoe-horned way to bring the small band of heroes in front of the villain without wasting time and effort.

Visually, Nur Iman offers decent pencils, but doesn’t get a chance to draw anything too interesting for long. The level of detail on various human characters is fine and her designs elsewhere are fairly satisfying, if restained. Similarly, Douglas A. Sirois has some skill, but is limited to offering deep desert browns and night time blues – there really isn’t much room to experiment here.

All in all, this issue seems to go out of its way to dissapoint. It’s a very quick read and instantly leaves you feeling dissapointed. At least it won’t be around for much longer.