Pathfinder Special #1


What happens when it’s ladies night on the town? Keep reading to find out.

Official Description:

“Magnimar is a city of mythic architecture and colorful occupants. When Merisiel and Kyra decide to ‘hit the town’ and explore their new home, they end up with more trouble than they bargained for – cutthroat thieves, betrayal, swashbuckling swordplay and much more are found in this super-sized story that couldn’t be contained in the regular Pathfinder series.”

In this special issue of Pathfinder, it is totally girls night out. When Merisiel and Kyra, PathfinderSpecial2013-Covers-fc544decide to go out and have fun, however, things get a little hectic when some friends from the past show up to wreck havoc on the fun. I have to say that this issue is just what the series needed. It is kind of a break from the usual story and gives a chance to focus of the relationship of Merisiel and Kyra, which is a nice change. There is plenty of action, love, and more in this issue.

First off, the story is fantastic. Jim Zubkavichich is a fantastic writer and really understands the whole process of developing characters within a setting that wouldn’t normally be a place to develop characters. He takes a situation and develops them in that situation that seems flawless. He does an amazing job and with this issue you won’t be disappointed on where this goes.

The drawing and panels are fantastic. The coloring is vivid and exciting in ways that most comics couldn’t even compare. It isn’t easy to draw fast scenes with everything that is going on but Kevin Strokes does an awesome job of making sure that you understand the pace and excitement behind the scenes.

Overall, I thoroughly think that  this is an awesome issue for this series and if it keeps going the way that it is, then you guarantee that it will have the strength to be amazing. I give it a five out of five.


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