2000AD #1979 Review

Another week, another 2000 AD. As always, this weeks issue is an excellent sampling of the weird and wonderful comics available.

First up, as usual is Judge Dredd. This issue sees a more self contained arc. Set on a sky-ship of some sort, this sampling sees Dredd and the Judges raid.. somewhere. A lot of Dredd stories involve Judges blasting down doors and shooting; this is no different. Still, its enjoyable and ends on an unusual note.

Next is the return of Tharg’s 3rillers in another story. This time its set in the future, with plenty of science-fiction to go around. The artwork here is simply beautiful. Who doesn’t love giant walking robots? Yet, despite all the flashy science fiction, there’s a touching story that’s established quickly and done very well, too.

Following this is the continuation of Aquila. This part is certainly action packed, detailing Bodica’s attack on the city. The artwork here is really detailed, bringing the historical and mythological aspects of Aquila to life. Ending on a climax, the next issue(s) of Aquila are certainly looking prospective.

The The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael also returns in this issue. This story is in its closing issues, yet its as action packed as ever. The story is certainly getting interesting, as the fantastical elements collide with the older setting of the story. The conflict between Ichabod, the hunter and Charon is certainly engaging. Some, however, might think that its moving a little too fast, yet the speed adds to the rush and thrill of the title.

Finally, there is more Lenny Zero. After a few issues setting the scene, the heist itself begins in full swing. As I’ve said previously, I’m immensely enjoying this take on the Judge Dredd universe. Not only is it showing the darker side to Mega City One, its funny and engaging in a different way to Dredd. The next few issues will certainly be action packed to say the least.

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