2000AD #1899 Review


2000AD_1899A small change-up this week with 2000AD #1899. Inside we have Judge Dredd, Aquila, Brass Sun, Future Shocks and Black Shuck. Let’s take a closer look inside.

First up is Judge Dredd. Michael Carroll offers a satisfying, if short, conclusion to the current arc. While it is enjoyable, dealing with these events so shortly doesn’t leave much room for detail, but Carroll fits enough in and wraps things up nicely. Likewise, Paul Marshall’s art does a great job, although the dialogue-heavy plot doesn’t give him too much freedom.

Secondly, we have the end of Aquila. After lots of padding and slow story telling, Gordon Rennie’s final script comes quick and out of the blue. Some may find it satisfying, but by this point I’m a little lost, confused and – in all honestly – tired of it. Leigh Gallagher’s pencils, with colors from Dylan Teague, do a great job portraying the world but I’m glad it’s over for now.

After this comes more Brass Sun and the end of the current chapter. Ian Edginton offers a satisfying conclusion, even if it is dialogue heavy and action light. Still, Edginton brings plenty of charm to the title and moves things nicely for its return, which is more than welcome – especially if it continues to provide the art of Inj Culbard.

Next up is a Future Shocks one-shot, written by Eddie Robson. The script isn’t the easiest to jump into but, once it gets going, it’s very well thought out and is an interesting read. Some may find it fun, others may find it a commentary on many modern themes. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea for a short story and I’m not sure Nick Dyer’s art does it justice.

Finally, we have the end of Black Shuck. By this point, I’m a little lost with Leah Moore and John Reppion’s story, but it nonetheless manages to entertain. Steve Yeowell does a good job on the visual front, but Chris Blythe’s colors focus too much on orange, browns and blues.

  • + All-change on the line-up
  • + Brass Sun is very satisying
  • + An interesting Future Shocks
  • - Black Shuck and Aquila lose me at times

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