2000AD 1893

2000AD #1893 Review

2000AD 1893

W2000AD 1893hat comic week would be complete without 2000AD? We’re currently on 2000AD #1893 and inside we have Judge Dredd, Aquila, Brass Sun, Black Shuck and Jaegir. Let’s delve inside.

First up is Judge Dredd and the end of John Wagner’s current two part script. As expected, it was funny and entertaining more than serious – Dredd has been avoiding any long, serious arcs lately and scripts like this sometimes feel like padding when they’re run back to back. Still, this was spaced out well between two issues and the artwork of Colin Macneil – with moody colors courtesy of Chris Blythe – helped make it worth while.

Next up is more Aquila. Gordon Rennie continues to offer a complicated story and this week is no exception. Rennie offers more twists and turns, all the while hinting at the longer plot. It’s a slow-roller, but Leigh Gallagher does a great job drawing ancient Rome and Dylan Teague’s colors help set a moody tone.

After this comes more Brass Sun. Once again Ian Edginton manages to offer a fantastic story full of character, plot and unique settings. It’s a quick romp that ties into the wider story, bringing everyone one more step closer. Combine this with the unique visuals of Inj Culbard and it’s easy to see why this series is so successful.

Next is more Black Chuck. Lean Moore and John Reppion finally begin to start the plot exposition, although having to wait three issues is not a good sign for this title’s sense of pace. In addition, while Steve Yeowell offers some great pencils, Chris Blythe’s colors make every moody and depressing, with every panel either being blue or somewhere between brown and grey.

Finally, we round this week off with a new Jaegir. Gordon Rennie makes for a more interesting approach this time round, with an explosive cold opening and some stronger ties to the original Rogue Trooper title. The main premise isn’t quite clear yet but Rennie’s ideas alongside the grim aesthetics of Simon Coleby’s pencils and Len O’Grady’s colors help sell the concept.

  • + New Jaegir
  • + More Brass Sun
  • - Black Chuck needs to be faster
  • - Anyone following Aquila?

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