2000AD 1891

2000AD #1891 Review

2000AD 1891

2000AD 1891There’s a strong line up this week in 2000AD #1891, with Judge Dredd, Sinister Dexter, Aquila, Brass Sun and Black Shuck. Let’s take a look at each one separately.

First up is Judge Dredd with the end of the current arc. John Wagner’s ending is satisfying and a little different to what we’ve come to expect from the series. That said, it adds little to the over all story – there’s a little narration over Dredd’s thoughts and feelings, but these seldom lead to anywhere – but manages to be entertaining in its own right. Additionally, Boo Cook’s artwork helps sell the story.

Next up is Sinister Dexter. Dan Abnett continues to write a fascinating story, with this week’s script full of character and driving by dialogue with a unique take on air quotes. I’ve not been a fan in the past but, for action-free sequences such as this, Jack Lynch’s black and white artwork is much more effective.

After this comes more Aquila. Gordon Rennie begins to write a more detailed script, tying a few of the loose elements together, all while providing an interesting take on ancient Roman life. He helps bring this period to life, alongside the beautiful visuals of Leigh Gallagher, with colors courtesy of Dylan Teague.

This is followed by more Brass Sun. Ian Edginton opens with dynamic action and manages to end on an even bigger cliff hanger. This action-packed method of story telling goes well with the vibrant and color filled artwork from Inj Culbard.

Finally, we have a new series with the first part of Black Shuck, written by Leah Moore and John Reppion. This series has potential but it is very, very slow. It’s only near the end of this week’s introduction that you’re aware of its fantasy elements, as the beginning is very bleak and drama focused. That said, the artwork is impressive, with pencils from Steve Yeowell and colors from Chris Blythe.

  • + A new title with Black Shuck!
  • + Action-packed Brass Sun!
  • + Sinister Dexter and Judge Dredd remain strong
  • - Aquila is a very slow title, isn't it?

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