2000AD #1890 Review


2000AD_1890Another change in the line-up in 2000AD #1890, which sees a few old favourites among newer titles. This week we have Judge Dredd, Sinister Dexter, Brass Sun, Aquila and Tharg’s 3rillers.

First up is Judge Dredd, which feels very much by the book. John Wagner’s script feels very forced to start off with – it’s just a murder investigation – but it does lead to somewhere more unique and interesting if you stick with it. In the mean time, Boo Cook’s art provides a fresh take on Dredd with an interesting choice of color.

After this is more Sinister Dexter. Dan Abnett writes a fluid story, complete with the title’s trade mark humor, but the visual treatment is off putting. Jake Lynch is a talented artist, but the sketchy style, as well as a lack of color, doesn’t suit the complicated panels and dynamic action that Sinister Dexter is known for.

Next up, we have more Brass Sun. Ian Edginton continues to explore new worlds and fantastic new settings (think of it as a very weird, fantasy/steam-punk version of Star Trek in that regard…) that continues to impress. Inj Culbard also adds his artistic talent and Brass Sun rarely has a dull panel, with plenty of vibrant atmosphere to make every page pop.

After this we have the start of a new Aquila arc. While I appreciate the effort taken, Gordon Rennie’s writing is very heavy handed and this new series does little to welcome new readers – that said, previous knowledge may not be necessary is I can’t see any obvious ties to past arcs save the titular character. At least it looks amazing, with Leigh Gallagher on pencils and Dylan Teague providing deep colors.

Finally, we have Tharg’s 3rillers and the end of Guy Adams’s short romp. This issue brings everything to a close and touches upon the themes explored in the past. I consider this more a thought experiment than a story, as a clear arc wasn’t always established, yet it was interesting from start to finish. Visually, PJ Holden (with Steven Denton on colors) helped capture exactly what Adams was aiming for.

  • + More Brass Sun!
  • + The end of Tharg's 3rillers and the start of Aquila
  • - Judge Dredd and Aquila are slow to get into
  • - Sinister Dexter is well written but hard on the eyes

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