2000AD #1886 Review


2000AD-1886There’s a few changes in the lineup this week, but 2000AD #1886 still manages to hold it’s own nonetheless. This week, there’s Judge Dredd, Terror Tales, Slaine, Grey Area and Indigo Prime, so let’s take a closer look.

First up is Judge Dredd and Michael Carroll’s impressive script although, this week, it starts off weak and relies on Nick Pervical’s distinct visuals to tell the story. That said, it does pick up near the end and, with a sign things are moving along, manages to sustain interest in it’s unique plot.

After this is a quick Terror Tales written by Alec Worley. While I love the idea, it doesn’t go into enough detail – especially in its final revelation – and this may disappoint some people. Still, it’s a simple idea executed well and Tom Foster’s black and white artwork does a decent enough attempt at depicting the story, even if it doesn’t have much opportunity for artistic flair.

Thirdly, we have the end of the current Slaine title. Pat Mills writes a lot of action here, but the constant dialogue along side this helps to add a much better tone and atmosphere than we’ve come to see in Slaine recently. Combine this with Simon Davis’ beautiful visual interpretation and with have a strong ending to a story that had a very weak middle.

Next up is more Grey Area, as the action starts to get serious and Dan Abnett does a great job in capturing such a large scale crisis. This issue is very well fleshed out and, while it doesn’t offer too much in the way of new information, ties a lot of Grey Area‘s elements together while constantly keeping the reader intrigued and thrilled. This is very much a ‘go big or go home’ moment and, alongside the art style of Mark Harrison, Grey Area is definitely the former.

Finally, we end this issue with more Outlier. John Smith continues to write twists and turns at every opportunity here and, while you might not ever know completely what is going on, the ride is fun enough it’s hard to complain. Additionally, we still have the impressive artwork from Lee Carter and while this issue doesn’t offer much fantastical concepts for Carter to get stuck into, it is amazing to look at nonetheless.

  • + A very tense Grey Area!
  • + Judge Dredd and Outlier continue to be fascinating
  • + End of the current Slaine
  • - A very brief Terror Tales

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