2000AD #1884 Review


2000AD-1884A small change in the lineup this week with 2000AD #1884, which has Judge Dredd, Grey Area, Slaine, Tharg’s 3rillers and Outlier. Let’s take a closer look at each.

First up is Judge Dredd, where Michael Caroll continues to provide a story that is much more psychological thriller than anything else seen in Judge Dredd lately. Combine that with the beautiful artwork of Nick Percival – who instantly gets the dreary nature of Mega City One and the tired, worn appearance of the titular Judge – and you potentially have one of the best offerings in a long time.

Second, we have the start of a new Grey Area arc. Dan Abnett returns with a new script that offers something different yet looks like it ties into recent events and themes. Along side this is the artwork of Mark Harrison which depicts a different yet satisfying approach to Grey Area‘s titular setting.

After this is more Slaine. While there is action, this week’s segment is fairly disappointing as it devolves into simple action and foreshadowing dialogue courtesy of Pat Mills. That said, while the action is dull – and far too quick – I still love Simon Davis’ visual style.

Next is the continuation of last week’s Tharg’s 3rillers. Eddie Robson explains more of the backstory and continues to gather interest – there’s a small sense of escalation that works with the intense nature of the title. Also, Andrew Currie provides some decent visuals.

Finally, we have more Outlier. While it’s entertaining, engaging and thrilling, John Smith’s latest offering only manages to confuse as it delves deeper into the rabbit hole. It’s a very well thought-out setting but I’m not sure how much of this is coming across. Ah well, at least Lee Carter’s artwork is a sheer joy to look at.

  • + Dredd is awesome!
  • + Tharg's 3rillers continues to be interesting
  • + Grey Area is back!
  • - Slaine is kinda dull...

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