2000AD #1883 Review


2000AD-1883Complete with an awesome cover, 2000AD #1883 offers a strong line-up and plenty of potential. Inside we have Judge DreddSlaine, Indigo Prime, Tharg’s 3rillers and Outlier. Let’s go over each title.

First up is Judge Dredd with an interesting new arc from Michael Carroll. The plot itself is slightly confusing – which is the point – but beautifully depicts this by following the titular character explore a changing reality. Likewise, Nick Percival has some absolutely amazing visuals that really depict Mega City One and get to the heart of Dredd’s character.

Secondly we have more Slaine. Pat Mills offers a very slow issue but it does build up to the wider arc and adds plenty of tension. Simon Davis once again adds amazing visuals, but this issue isn’t the most impressive of the series so far.

After this is more Indigo Prime. John Smith’s script explores the setting more than it does the plot, although it’s a unique enough of a setting to explore. Smith does take some time and effort to provide a unique experience, while Lee Carter’s sharp, impressive artwork make for an impressive read from start to finish.

This is followed by the start of a new Tharg’s 3rillers. While it’s a little slow, Eddie Robson offers a fun script that teases a lot of potential. Likewise, Andrew Currie offers some well drawn artwork with plenty of light and color.

Finally, we end this week’s issue off with the end of Outlier. T.C Eglington offers a satisfying conclusion – complete with one last final twist – that brings the story to full, complete closure. It’s a well thought out finish for a fun, tense romp and Karl Richardson keeps up with artwork that’s easy on the eye and easy to follow.

  • + New Dredd story looks awesome!
  • + New Tharg's 3rillers has potential
  • + Satisfying end to Outlier
  • - Slaine is a bit slow and shallow

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