2000AD #1881 Review


2000AD-1881As usual, 2000AD #1881 offers an interesting line up of science fiction, fantasy and a few things bordering the two. This week we have Judge Dredd, Outlier, Indigo Prime, Tharg’s 3rillers and Slaine. Let’s take a closer look.

First up is Judge Dredd and John Wagner’s plot continues to be thrilling and engaging. This week there’s a big rush and panic that comes across really well thanks to Wagner’s writing and John McCrea’s beautiful artwork.

Next up is Outlier, as T.C Eglington offers plenty of action and development. While it may be bloody – thanks to the artwork of Karl Richardson – it all feels tied to the plot and suits the nature of the title. This issue also has a flashback sequence which helps build on character, although it does take you out of the present storyline thanks to its slower, passive tone.

After this is Indigo Prime. John Smith really establishes the setting more successfully in this issue, as well as a general idea of the main storyline – two issues in, however, and I’m still not entirely sure what that plot is, which is a little worrying. That said, Lee Carter provides some absolutely beautiful and vibrant visuals to entertain readers in the mean time.

This is followed by more Tharg’s 3rillers, as Kek-W continues to offer a tense story with a gritty, depressing backdrop. It’s an interesting read, even if the pacing is slow and jumping to resolutions long after the reader came to the same conclusion. Still, Adam Browne offers a choice of art style that suits the atmosphere of the title.

Finally, we end this week with more Slaine. Pat Mills go a tense issue this week, but keeps it full of charm and character. Mills offers little bits of information here and there, creating a strong interest in future events. Likewise, Simon Davis has some amazing visuals. Even when a large panel doesn’t hold anything important, it’s a joy to simply look at.

  • + John Wager knows how to write Judge Dredd
  • + Slaine looks amazing
  • + Outlier is bloody!
  • - Still not sure about Indigo Prime

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