2000AD #1880 Review

2000AD-1880With a little change in the lineup, 2000AD #1880 brings new life into its selection of comics. This week we have Judge Dredd, Indigo Prime, Slaine, Tharg’s 3rillers and Outlier, so let’s take a closer look.

First up as always is Judge Dredd with part 2 of John Wagner’s current script. I’m really enjoying this story, as it has more detective elements than usual Dredd plotlines and shows more of the character – Wagner is very, very good at capturing the age and experience of the titular Judge, while John McCrea’s blue-heavy artwork helps sell the noir feeling.

Next up is Indigo Prime, with an interesting concept from John Smith. When you have a multiverse, ghost agents and everything in between, you have an excuse for general fun and adventure. Smith’s first run through several realities sets the tone in such a manner, although the actual plot itself is not clear. Still, Lee Carter’s art work helps sell the settings and demonstrates enough creativity to sell the idea.

This is followed by more Slaine, written by Pat Mills. This issue is very atmospheric and Mills shows an excellent understanding of the setting and the titular character. This is combined beautifully with Simon Davis’s artwork, which has a strong varied use of vibrant colors and shades.

After this is a Tharg’s 3rillers. Kek-W offers a story set in a more depressing, harsh period and does a great job of capturing the emotion and feelings of the time. There are a few sci-fi elements, but right now this is a very realistic story told lovingly, with effective artwork courtesy of Vince Locke, with colors from Adam Brown.

Finally, we have more Outlier as T.C Eglington begins to up the ante and get into the final arc of the plot. This issue is tense, although it doesn’t tell the reader anything they don’t already know. Still, it’s a nice buffer before the main action starts, with enough to sustain interest. Likewise, Karl Richardson gets plenty to draw and offers a colorful art style that makes Outlier a pleasure to look at.