2000AD #1879 Review


2000ad-1879Well, it wouldn’t be a week of comics without 2000AD. Inside 2000AD #1879 we have Judge Dredd, Outlier, Slaine, Sinister Dexter and Jaegir. Let’s take a closer look.

First up is Judge Dredd with the start of a new story by John Wagner. Wagner shapes the story well and, as usual, has a certain way of writing Dredd, offering a naration that gets to the heart of the stone cold character. Combine this with some beautiful visuals from John McCrea and this is going to be a very atmospheric and rewarding plot.

Next up is more Outlier. T.C Eglington really delves into the plot here, setting up the many twists and turns that give way to the action. This issue might seem slow, but it more than makes up for it in what it promises. Visually, Karl Richardson’s art offers color where its needed and darkness where it helps, adding to the tension.

After this is the continuation of Slaine by Pat Mills. Mills opens up with action, tension and everything else in between. This issue really seems to set-up the next act, while Simon Davis offers some simply beautiful visuals in the mean while.

This is followed by the end of the current Sinister Dexter arc. Given the nature of this title, it’s no surprise Dan Abnett chooses to end things with a bang. In true Sinister Dexter fashion, this issue has its share of blood and explosions. Smudge’s artwork does its best, but this issue could really benefit from some color.

Finally, we round this issue off with the end of Jaegir. Gordon Rennie ends things on an action-packed note, but makes sure to add a sense of character and closure. Simon Coleby offers some decent art work to add weight to the script, making for an all-round satisfying ending.

  • + John Wagner pens another 'Dredd script!
  • + Sinister Dexter and Jaegir come to an end!
  • + Outlier ramps up the plot
  • - Time for a change in the lineup

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