2000AD #1875 Review


2000ad-1875Following last week’s issue of all new stories, 2000AD #1875 offers the same line-up again. In side are the second parts of Judge Dredd, Outlier, Slaine, Sinister Dexter and Jaegir. Let’s take a closer look.

First up is Judge Dredd. John Wagner offers another tense, atmospheric script, but it ultimately offers little new. It’s best seen as a way point between the last issue and an up-coming big reveal, since it offers little of its own. That said, it still feels broody and dark, although that might be due to the dark, shadow-heavy colors from Chris Blythe on top of Colin Magneil’s pencils.

Second is more Outlier. T.C Eglington offers a decent story, even if it is slow to hash at the details or explain its setting – likewise, the main character isn’t very interesting and the lore needs to be a bit more obvious. Still, Karl Richardson offers some decent art to accompany the story.

Next up is more Slaine by Pat Mills. This issue is a slow-roller, as it still feels like its setting up the plot. Despite being dialogue heavy, rather than action-orientated, it is an interesting read rich in character and charm. A large part of that may be down to the beautiful artwork from Simon Davis, which really helps set the tone.

This is followed by Sinister Dexter. After last week’s suspenseful ending, Dan Abnett works through the plot smoothly and efficiently. The dialogue is well written if you can stand the accents, yet its all part of Sinister Dexter‘s charm. Abnett neatly brings the story to its next logical point, while Smudge offers some decent visuals. However, I still feel this title has looked much better in the past.

Finally, we have more Jaegir. Gordon Rennie offers more details and back-story in this week’s plot, although the set-up feels very bland. Terms such as “strigoi” doesn’t help hide the ‘vampires in space’ theme going on here. That said, Simon Coleby’s art and Len O’Grady’s colors help  depict a gritty, bleak landscape to set the tone better.

  • + Slaine looks amazing
  • - Jaegir and Outlier could be much more gripping
  • -
  • Judge Dredd is a little slow.

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