2000AD #1874 Review


2000ad-18742000AD fans have plenty to look forward to this week, as 2000AD #1874 has 5 new arcs kicking off. Inside are stories from Judge Dredd, Slaine, Outlier, Sinister Dexter and Jaegir. If you haven’t picked up before, now may just be the perfect jumping off point…

First ups is Judge Dredd. John Wagner introduces an interesting, tense concept, even if his writing doesn’t do enough to inform the reader of anything – secrecy is a great writing tool, but you need to hook the reader first. Visually, Colin Macneil’s Mega City One looks very modern-era-ish, only with plenty of shadows. Not the best ‘Dredd story by far.

Second up is Slaine, with a new story by Pat Mills. It takes a while to get going, but this issue does get to the point by the end, is easy on new readers and set’s up the premise simply and efficiently. Combine this with some absolutely beautiful artwork from Simon Davis and this story is plenty of potential.

Next up is Outlier, wherein T.C Elington introduces an interesting, futuristic world. Honestly, it doesn’t go anywhere fast, nor does it explore the setting in any depth. Other than a standard futuristic murder, the only thing going for it so far is Karl Richardson’s artwork, yet even that isn’t enough to sell these characters.

After this comes more Sinister Dexter by Dan Abnett. While the writing has its potential, with Abnett easily getting back into the title’s sense of humor, the plot is somewhat basic at the moment. Likewise, the black and white visuals from Sludge doesn’t do Sinister Dexter any favors. It’s definitely looked better.

Finally, 2000AD #1847 rounds off with some Outlier. I’m assuming this is related to Rogue Trooper, since it’s set on a Nu Earth… but Gordon Rennie’s writing – a script that is dialogue heavy in itself – does little to offer any of this information. The set-up is slow, sluggish and uninteresting, yet Simon Coleby (with colors from Len O’Grady) offers some gritty artwork to look at along the way.

  • + Great starting point for new readers!
  • + Slaine looks awesome!
  • - Judge Dredd needs to try harder
  • - Outlier and Jaegir aren't easy to jump into

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