2000AD #1872 Review


2000ad-1872Just like clockwork, we have another issue of 2000AD on the shelves. This week – in 2000AD #1872 – we have Judge Dredd, ABC Warriors, Tharg’s 3rillers, Future Shocks and Grey Area. Let’s take a closer look at each.

First up is the usual slice of Judge Dredd. Michael Carroll brings the current, short arc to a close. This is much better than last week’s, is creative and feels much more like Judge Dredd should. Throw in some decent visuals from Nick Dyer and you have a satisfying close to this short story.

Secondly, we have more ABC Warriors. This series is, at its heart, about giant awesome robots kicking ass and Pat Mills delivers in this segment. Combine this with the beautiful, deep visuals of Clint Langley and there is an example of ABC Warriors that stays true to form.

After this is more of the current Tharg’s 3rillers. David Baillie’s script explores the setting a bit more, although it still feels very much like early days. Visually, Jon Davis-Hunt’s artwork is detailed, colorful and does a good job at showcasing the setting off.

Next is a Future Shocks, written by Eddie Robson. This story hits all the right buttons, with a few, novel science fiction concepts that come across very easily and very quickly. This smoothness is partly down to the script and partly down to Robin Smith’s art –  at the start, the artwork let’s readers get stuck right into what’s happening. A great combination.

Finally, we have more Grey Area. This is one for long term readers, as Dan Abnett explores the consequences of a previous arc, but it is nonetheless explained well enough for new readers. It’s a tense issue and Mark Harrison does his best to translate this visually. For the most part he succeeds, although it might not suit everyone’s tastes.

  • +ABC Warriors kicks ass
  • +Grey Area explores an important area
  • +A very unique Future Shocks
  • -Not the best 'Dredd

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