2000AD #1867 Review


2000-AD-LOGO1.jpgAnother week and another copy of 2000AD. This time, in 2000AD #1867, we have Judge Dredd, Ulysses Sweet, Maniac For Hire, Grey Area, Future Shocks and Strontium Dog.

First up is Judge Dredd and the continuation of Rob William’s Titan arc. This story has been impressive so far and this issue is just as tense and well written. Likewise, Henry Flint’s gritty art helps depict the urban setting.2000ad-1867

After this is more Ulysses Sweet, Maniac For Hire. Guy Adams continues to offer a wacky yet entertaining script. This week the title breaks the fourth wall, plays with story telling styles and continues to be hilarious. This is supported by Paul Marshall’s artwork, which makes every panel and facial expression as amusing as it should be.

This is followed by more Grey Area. Dan Abnett continues to write a well designed story with plenty of elements to explore. It also builds on the Grey Area background and ends on a satisfying cliff hanger. Likewise, Patrick Goddard’s artwork speaks for itself and adds plenty to the story.

Next we have a Future Shocks  – entitled Family Business. Gary Simpson’s writing is simply beautiful, with a self-narration in the gritty style that suits the idea perfectly. The title reads well and the art of Eoin Coveney does a great job at running through this brief setting.

Finally, we have more Strontium Dog. John Wagner continues the action, although readers less familiar with the title might start getting bored of the back-and-forth conflict by now. Still, with the classic visual style of Carlos Ezquerra, it manages to entertain.



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