2000AD 1863

2000AD #1863 Review

2000AD 1863

2000-AD-LOGO3.jpgAs we get back into the regular swing of things, 2000AD continues with its latest range of stories and issues. This week in 2000AD #1863 we have Judge Dredd, Ulysses Sweet, Maniac For Hire, ABC Warriors, Grey Area and Strontium Dog.

First up is Judge Dredd, with more action on (or above, to be more specific) on Titan. While this is a tense issue, Rob Williams continues to offer a teasing script, creating plenty of build up. This is supported by the art of Henry Flint, which takes the gritty vibe of Judge Dredd and adds a 2000AD 1863space setting, something not seen as much as Megacity One.

Secondly, Ulysses Sweet, Maniac for Hire offers more blunt humor and bizarre settings courtesy of Guy Adams. This week is a bit of a slow roller, but the hallmarks seen so far stay true, with Adams displaying a key talent for the weird, the wonderful and ever-so-slightly disturbing. Alongside this, Paul Marshall offers a fitting artistic style, with grey coloring from Chris Blythe.

This is followed by some ABC Warriors, instantly recognizable by Clint Langley’s eye-catching, beautiful visuals. The story carries the distinct themes the title is known for, with Pat Mills offering a perfectly gritty, enjoyable story.

Next is the start of a new Grey Area story. Dan Abnett kicks the story into gear straight away – while this issue starts off slow, it ends on a decent cliffhanger that sets up the premise. Its unique and fits will with Grey Area‘s quirky setting. Likewise, Patrick Goddard offers some detailed artwork but, given the title, it’s no surprise Abigail Ryder has used plenty of grey among the color palette.

Finally, we end this week with some Strontium Dog. John Wagner offers a dialogue-heavy script, but one that plays to the strengths of the current story and provides plenty of escalation. Things, of course, tend to kick off later and, with classic artwork from Carlos Ezquerra, it feels like a prime example of Strontium Dog.




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