2000AD #1859 Review


2000-AD-LOGOWho doesn’t love a bit of 2000AD? This week it’s 2000AD #1859 with Judge Dredd, Future Shocks, Brass Sun, Flesh and Damnation Station. So, is this issue as good as the previous issues have been?

First up is Judge Dredd with the continuing story by Emma Beeby, which shows Dredd at what is likely his softest… which is still angry, but he didn’t kill or arrest anyone. This issue has themes of youth and innocence that aren’t always common for Dredd, 2000AD_1859making for a welcome change. Likewise the watercolor style of John Burns does a similar job, if only because it contrasts with what we’ve come to expect so well.

Next is a Future Shocks, written by AJ Butcher. This one-shot is short and simple, yet the story works – definitely a decent understanding of narrative at work. It also goes well with the art of Nick Dyer, with some old-school science fiction designs which really suit the story and setting at hand.

This is followed by Brass Sun, where Ian Edginton continues to ensure there is never a dull moment. The plot starts off slow and builds to action and suspense – but not without dropping some typical humor into the dialogue at the very end. Again, we have the beautiful colors and depictions of Inj Culbard to bring this world to life.

After this comes more Flesh from Pat Mills. This issue focuses very heavily on the plot, so it can be confusing at times trying to remember who all these characters the reader barely knows are. Even with the old-school art style of James McKay, it gets quite confusing and messy. Yet that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable, as it does have plenty of dinosaurs.

Finally, there’s more Damnation Station. This issue is as beautiful as ever, with the visuals of Mark Harrison transitioning from one color to the next in neon vibrant hues. That said, Al Ewing offers a good script as always, but this hasn’t been the most engaging. The action does plenty of talking, but this is essentially part of a zombie film, only set in space (sure that’s never happened before…).




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