2000AD #1854 Review


2000-AD-LOGOAs usual there is another issue of 2000AD this week – which is always a good thing. In 2000AD #1854 we have Judge Dredd, Brass Sun, Flesh, Aquila and Damnation Station, so let’s go through each a little more closely.

Judge Dredd finishes off the latest arc and it’s – well – underwhelming. The narration is good, but the ending chosen by Micheal Carrol feels underwhelming, even in the humorous angle he goes for. A more guns blazing approach might have made more use of 2000AD_1854Paul Davidson’s artwork. That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing the two judge characters again.

This is followed by Brass Sun. Ian Edington offers a very satisfying script this week, with a sense of movement and some dialogue that hints at the wider setting that can’t always be highlighted in each issue. Again we have the distinctive work of Inj Culbard, with panels like the last showing some of the efforts that can be made when details are needed.

After this is more Flesh. This issue focuses on back-story, but Pat Mills offers more sense and straight-forward narrative that gives the entire setting more depth and background. James McKay still provides striking black and white art, but the heavy old-school style doesn’t necessarily suit the flashback’s setting.

Next is more Aquila. Gordon Rennie offers a script that teases more information, has plenty of ambiguous dialogue and – because why not – opens with enough violence to remind you that this is still Aquila. I’m still impressed with Patrick Goddard’s visual treatment, which offers beautiful depictions of Rome that can easily jump between distinctive sewers, rooftops and nighttime street sequences.

Finally, we end this week’s issue with more Damnation Station. Al Ewing offers a story that is equally explanatory as it is confusing – in other words, the right balance to potentially keep this interesting. I suspect the beautiful artwork of Mark Harrison – which comes into full force with the wider shots and settings here – helps tip this in the right direction.



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  • ZombieGuy

    Loving Brass Sun

    • Edward Marsh

      Yeah, I have to agree – it’s one of those titles I look forward to reading each time I review 2000AD. Just a shame we only get so many pages a week, the setting alone has enough potential for much, much more.

      • ZombieGuy

        Edginton said that 2000 AD was the obvious home for Brass Sun but I think that it would have worked better as a Vertigo ongoing (alongside Edginton’s Hinterkind). It’s not just that I want more but it seems very stop & start like it’s a 22 pager comic chopped up into chunks as opposed to written for the anthology format. Can’t wait for the trade.