2000AD #1852 Review


Another week brings another issue of stuff – lots of stuff. In 2000AD #1852 there is Judge Dredd, Brass Sun, Flesh, Aquila and Damnation Station. Let’s take a closer look at each.

First off we have Judge Dredd. Michael Carroll continues to delve into the under-city with this interesting story. This issue is heavy on the action, but it works into the greater story or setting, rather than being forced. Combined with the atmospheric and moody visuals of Paul Davidson, this is still a Dredd story to keep an eye on.

Next is more Brass Sun. Ian Edginton offers some fast paced writing that goes rather quickly this week. It’s smooth and transitions well, while the artwork of Inj Culbard makes the most of the setting and offers some nice colors – less blue/orange contrasts and more moody blues with splashes of other color for a definite improvement.

After this comes more Flesh. Whilst I still don’t understand completely, Pat Mills offers more details through the dialogue and a what-is-going-on plot. But, hey, it’s got dinosaurs! The visuals of James McKay retains the old school flavor that instantly makes this title recognizable and distinct.

This is followed by Aquila. Gordon Rennie gets straight into the heart of the action and, this being Aquila, teases enough to keep you interested, if not confused, about the wider setting. Combine this with the art treatment from Patrick Goddard and you have a comic work looking over, if only for the depicting of ancient, bloody Rome – not a staple sight in 2000AD.

Finally we have Damnation Station. Al Ewing breaks away from the plot to offer something more akin to a one-shot, but it does tie into the setting and is entertaining in its own way, with a strong sense of character. It still retains the beautiful artwork of Mark Harrison, although here the vibrancy and neon overtones go a little cooler, which suits the cold space setting perfectly.


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