2000AD #1851 Review


It’s another week and, after last’s weeks helping of new stories, 2000AD #1851 throws one more into the mix. Here we have Judge Dredd, Brass Sun, Flesh, Aquila and Damnation Station. Let’s head in and take a closer look.

First up is ye olde Judge Dredd. Michael Carroll continues his interesting story and view of Mega-City life.. and Murphyville… and the Sovs. Its not all up-front, but the simple change of view adds a lot of perspective on top of an interesting narrative. Throw in the beautiful artwork of Paul Davidson and this is a high quality Dredd story.

Next up is more Brass Sun. Ian Edginton offers a short but packed script with enough action and drama to balance each other out. The artwork of Inj Culbard is equally impressive, although the style is very heavy on the blue/orange contrasts.

After this is Flesh. I’m still not entirely sure I get Pat Mill’s script.. but it’s interesting and full of character. As for the artwork of James McKay, it’s equally chaotic and beautiful. The black and white style isn’t for everyone, but he pulls off a level of detail and dynamic speed that is impressive enough.

After this we have the return of Aquila. Gordon Rennie offers a simple set-up that gets to the heart of the issue. It also does a minimal amount of re-capping, so new readers may feel a little lost. It’s also visually impressive, as Patrick Goddard does an excellent job of bringing Aquila‘s Rome to life.

Finally, we have more Damnation Station. Al Ewing’s script teases information and back-story little by little. Combine this with the lush neon artwork of Mark Harrison and you have something to keep an eye on for the next few weeks.


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