2000AD #1849 Review


2000AD #1849 hits the shelves this week, offering slices of Judge Dredd, Age Of The Wolf III, The Ten-Seconders and Slaine. Let’s take a closer look at what each can offer. The latter three all end their current stories this issue, too, so fans of any of these might want to pay particular attention to this week’s issue.

First up is Judge Dredd and the ending of the current story by John Wagner. The scripts good at capturing the moment, but some may find the ending a little predictable. Still, it was a good mostly-Dredd-free thrill ride, with beautiful artwork by Ben Willsher.

Next is Age Of The Wolf III. Alec Worley’s script is good – if anti-climatic from last week’s cliff hanger – and offers plenty of revelations and interesting points. Whilst it is gripping, it may please long-time fans of the series more than newer readers.

This is followed by The Ten-Seconders, which continues to be awesome. Rob Williams knows how to open the story, how to wrap things up and, in my opinion end the story with some blunt British humor. Yet it’s still causes quit an impact and, as short stories go, it’s done a lot with a few pages. Likewise, I’ll miss the detailed, vibrant visuals of Edmund Bagwell when this is gone.

Finally, we end this week on Slaine. Honestly, I found this plot confusing and haphazard throughout the few weeks because I’m not familiar with much of the background – Pat Mill’s script is definitely written for and from someone who knows the lore. This issue however is a little easier to follow. That said, the main enjoyment for me was the realistic visual treatment courtesy of Clint Langley.


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