2000AD #1845 Review


As usual, we have the weekly selection of sci-fi, fantasy, and anything else that fit’s in the pages. This week it’s 2000AD #1845, which contains Judge Dredd, Defoe, Slaine, Age Of The Wolf III and The Ten-Seconders. Let’s take a closer look.

First up is Judge Dredd. This is the start of a new arc, again written by John Wagner, with beautiful artwork from Ben Willsher. This story doesn’t feature much of Dredd for now, but it’s a very personal story that, again, show’s Judge life from a new perspective. Certainly a story to keep an eye on for the next few weeks.

Next up is more Defoe, written by Pat Mills. This issue is more personal, focused and makes a lot more sense. With striking artwork from Leigh Gallagher, this is easily one of the better examples of Defoe.

This is followed by Slaine, again written by Pat Mills. The script is definitely exciting, but it peaks into a world it does very little to tell new readers. Still, it’s an interesting concept and the artwork of Clint Langley helps.

After this is Age Of The Wolf III. Alec Worley pens a script that’s all about suspense and build up, yet it’s very surprising and entertaining in it’s own right. The colorful, bright artwork of Jon Davis-Hunt also helps, adding definition to the interesting world and setting.

Finally, we end on The Ten-Seconders. Rob Williams writes a very complex story, that explores more of the setting and background. It’s and in-depth read between the lines, but the artwork of Edmund Bagwell captures the grand setting alongside Abigail Ryder’s colors.



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