2000AD #1844 Review


As usual, there’s another issue of 2000AD out this week. This time it’s 2000AD #1844, which includes Judge Dredd, Defoe, Slaine, Age Of The Wolf III and The Ten-Seconders. Let’s take a closer look at each individually.

First up is the usual segment of Judge Dredd. Rob Williams end’s the current under-water arc. Honestly, it was very short lived and ended in a very generic Dredd style, paying very little attention to the setting. That said, Carl Critchlow’s art was as beautiful as ever, breathing life into the duller moments.

Next up is Defoe. Pat Mills offers a complicated and dialogue-heavy plot that might not please everyone. On the other hand, at least Leigh Gallgher’s art is of a high standard, the striking black and white working well with the strong focus on faces and closed environments in this issue.

This is followed by Slaine. Pat Mills offers a decent introduction, but the latter half of this issue (which set’s up the rest of the plot, I imagine) refers to previous issues or untold lore. In short, it’s not the most straight forward, but it certainly looks to be entertaining and interesting none the less. As for the visuals, the beautiful full color artwork of Clint Langley is instantly recognizable, making for a beautifully detailed, atmospheric read through. And.. well, a giant blue thing.

After this comes more Age Of The Wolf III.  Alec Worley writes an exciting script for this week, with action, development and a focus on the small-scale cast and plot. This goes well with the artwork of Jon Davis-Hunt, although the bright, vibrant outdoor scenes often betray the darker nature of the title.

Finally, we end with more of The Ten-Seconders. Rob Williams continues to offer more of this interesting plot, showing everything from another perspective. This goes well with Edmund Bagwell, who provides bleak yet beautiful visuals full of color and various shades.



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