2000AD #1843 Review


It’s another week, and so we have another issue of 2000AD. This week, in 2000AD #1843, we have Judge Dredd, Defoe, Sinister Dexter, Age Of The Wolf III and The Ten-Seconders.

First up is Judge Dredd, which returns us to the interesting story introduced last week.  Rob Williams offers a decent enough script, with some predictable moments, that offers some links back to recent Mega City One History. It’s interesting enough stuff, although it’s still setting up the premise. That said, Carl Critchov is offering great visuals along the way.

Next up is Defoe, written by Pat Mills. This is a dialogue heavy issue, exploring more of the back-story along the way, but it’s an interesting read. The personal focus on character suits the title, along side the striking visuals of Leigh Gallagher.

Following this is more Sinister Dexter. Dan Abnett continues to offer a fascinating script as the various elements all begin to weave together into the grander story arc. This goes well alongside the beautiful artistic work of Simon Davis, which is instantly recognizable.

After this is Age Of The Wolf III. This is another action heavy piece on offer from Alec Worley, although the art of Jon Davis-Hunt is more than up to the job. It’s not very gritty, which let’s some of the more bloody scenes down, but the bright and clear visuals help keep the title in definition.

Finally, we end with The Ten-Seconders. This story seems to change it’s tone and theme each issue and Rob Williams offers no different this time either. In many ways, it’s easy to draw natural parallels with many comic examples with this issue, but the tone and style of writing is unique enough. Even when in fantastical elements, The Ten-Seconders still has it’s share of bleak themes, which goes well with the vibrant, yet dark, art of Edmund Bagwell.


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