2000AD #1842 Review


Another week brings, of course, another issue of 2000AD. This week it’s 2000AD #1842 and inside we have Judge Dredd, Defoe, Age Of The Wolf III, Sinister Dexter and The Ten-Seconders. Let’s take a closer look at each.

First up is the usual Judge Dredd. This week is the start of a new story, penned by Rob Williams. I’m really looking forward to this one because of its potentially unique setting and, as a change, something that isn’t directly related to post-chaos bug life in the mega-city. Likewise, the art courtesy of Carl Critchlov definitely looks promising for this kind of tale.

Next ups is Defoe. Again, we are introduced to the striking visuals from Leigh Gallagher, which really help sell the medieval and gothic tones of the story. That said Pat Mill’s script is as complicated as ever, referencing and building over a deep setting and lore that readers might not be aware of. Get through, this however, and it’s a character rich story.

After this is more Age Of The Wolf III. Alec Worley offers an action packed script this time, whilst also keeping the plot advancing. This goes well with Jon Davis-Hunt’s art, which suits the dynamic nature of this issue well.

This is followed by more Sinister Dexter. Again, we have the unique and instantly recognizable visuals of Simon Davis. These go well with the shift in character focus, whilst Dan Abnett does an impressive job making the new narrative feel different, yet always connected into the same world, plot and themes.

Finally, we have The Ten-Seconders. Rob Williams offers a well paced plot and this week’s sample is no different. It also comes with stunning visuals from Edmund Bagwell, which masterly jumps between the sci-fi, the bleak and fantastical elements of the story.


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