1839 COVER

2000AD #1839 Review

1839 COVER

As usual, we have another selection of comics from Rebellion. This week, in 2000AD #1839, we have Judge Dredd, Defoe, Cadet Anderson, Sinister Dexter and The Ten-Seconders.

First up is Judge Dredd. This is the current arc written by co-creator John Wagner and it’s certainly living up to it’s potential. It’s not the most explosive, but it features actual detective work and, for a change, makes the city feel alive and interesting, rather than a backdrop for Dredd to punch things. As usual, Dave Taylor’s art supports this nicely.

After this is the continuing Defoe. This isn’t one of the best issues so far, as it can be argued there isn’t enough investment to be attached to Pat Mills’s story yet, although it does still have the striking visuals of Leigh Gallagher that suit the setting and style of the story.

This is followed by the conclusion of Cadet Anderson. Alan Grant offers a satisfying end to the current story, which captures a lot of character in its writing. As well as this, Carlos Ezquerra provides colorful visuals to help bring the action to life.

Next up is more Sinister Dexter, written by Dan Abnett. Abnett offers more fantastic writing this week, delving into the world of a hit-man who happens to narrate and talk to himself. This issue is also both action and plot-heavy. Again, John Burns’ art gives this title a distinctive appearance that somehow suits its nature.

Finally, we end with The Ten-Seconders. This title looks to hold a lot of promise, as Rob Williams offers a unique script that questions the nature of super-hero beings and alien life. The themes aren’t the most original but it’s told well and Edmund Bagwell offers a decent art style that helps define and ground the setting.



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