2000AD #1835 Review


This week brings the usual slice of wacky goodness with 2000AD #1835. This time we have Judge Dredd, Cadet Anderson, Sinister Dexter and Stickleback. Let’s take a closer look at each.

This issue starts, as always, with Judge Dredd. This issue ends the 6-part story offered by Michael Carroll. I always like the stories where Dredd isn’t the straight-up ‘good guy’. He comes off cold (no surprise) here, and often unable to understand basic human emotions. Given the context of Mega City One, this story has worked well.  PJ Holden’s artwork certainly helped that along the way, too.

Next up is more Mega City One action with Cadet Anderson. This has a more lively feel than Judge Dredd, with Alan Grant offering more likeable characters. It offers a different insight into Mega City One life, which I always like, whilst the art of Carlos Ezquerra helps it stand out against other titles with the same setting.

Next is Sinister Dexter. This issue is a good example of why Dan Abnett is a good writer. Its not always about action, although this issue still has its share of developments. Likewise, John Burns still offers unique and striking visuals, offering moody blues and drab colors that add to the setting.

Finally, we have a conclusion to the current Stickleback arc.  Its been a good thrill-ride and Ian Edginton plays to the titles strengths with weird characters and weird dinosaurs all over the place. Of course, the beautiful visuals courtesy of D’Israeli help a lot. That said, I’m not too keen on the cliffhanger ending. New readers will be stumped as the last page is purely for long-time readers.


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