2000AD #1833 Review


Another week and we have plenty of comic variety in 2000AD #1833. This week’s line up features Judge Dredd, Cadet Anderson, Sinister Dexter, Stickleback and Zombo. Let’s take a little closer look at each.

First up as always, is a slice of Judge Dredd. The post-chaos bug action continues, with Michael Carrol continuing the current plot. Its gritty where it needs to be and touches upon personal themes, painting the grim everyday life of Mega City One. PJ Holden’s dark and grimy visuals help set the scene and atmosphere perfectly, too.

After this is more Mega-City One action from Cadet Anderson. Alan Grant pens a curios tale, offering another perspective of the city, yet still from a judge. That said, when they’re not the angry Judge Dredd, its a welcome change. Likewise, the art of Carlos Ezquerra offers a fresh look at the city, trading the dark and gritty for lighter hues and a softer approach that suits the story and naive characters.

Sinister Dexter continues this week. Dan Abnett continues to offer a personal story with plenty of character history and background. Whilst this is sometimes inaccessible to new readers (I for one didn’t really understand the cliffhanger) the over all story is highly effective, with plenty of charm. The visuals of John Burn continue to give it a very unique and recognizable style.

This is followed by more Stickleback. Once again we have D’Israeli’s striking visuals as Ian Edginton mixes action and back-story for this issue. Despite bringing in back-story  its not overwhelming and easily keeps things in the present narrative, adding more and more questions to the intriguing tale.

Finally, this issue ends with more Zombo. Whilst I’m not following the plot completely, Al Ewing offers a wacky yet funny plot within plenty of character and humor expressed through the writing and dialogue. This goes well alongside the vibrant, yet gritty, art of Henry Flint, with often wonderfully underplays the violent nature of what’s going on.


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