2000AD #1832


Its another week and that brings another issue of 2000AD. Its a slight change in line-up for 2000AD #1832, featuring Judge Dredd, Tharg’s 3rillers, Sinister Dexter, Stickelback and Zombo. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Starting off, as usual, is Judge Dredd. This week continues the more gritty look into a post-chaos Meg One. Micheal Carroll writes a smooth, but darker, storyline, where Dredd isn’t the straight-up good guy. I always prefer these stories and PJ Holden’s art definitely helps set the atmosphere and tone for the piece.

After this we have more of the current Tharg’s 3rillers. This concludes T.C Eglington’s unique and bizarre script. Whilst the issue is written well, its the art of Boo Cook that really sells the piece; being able to jump between the two art styles this way easily gets the point across and provides a strong visual point of focus.

A new story this week from Sinister Dexter. This carries on one of 2000AD‘s older titles, so new readers may be confused, but the general plot is an interesting idea.  The writing is fairly smooth, and it shouldn’t be a surprise. Dan Abnett is an old hand at 2000AD, and can work with older material without alienating new readers. Likewise, John Burn’s art gives it a unique visual appeal, if you can stop thinking about the Joker (I couldn’t.. or a certain fast food clown…).

Stickleback continues this week, as Ian Edginton continues to explore the fantastical world of steam punk, magic and dinosaurs. This week is fairly action heavy, although there’s plenty of dialogue bringing the usual charm and dry nature. Combined with D’Israeli’s continually striking artwork, Stickleback carries on delivering the same high standards.

Finally, we end on more Zombo. Whilst I never truly understand what’s going on, I always enjoy a little bit of Zombo. Al Ewing definitely writes with a sense of humor, which is seen more clearly here, whilst Henry Flint’s art might not appeal to everyone. Its very vibrant, yet vulgar where it needs to be. Sure, it doesn’t suit everyone’s tastes, but it makes Zombo undoubtedly Zombo; something I don’t mind seeing in small doses within 2000AD.


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