2000AD #1826


Another week and another sample of 2000AD. This week, in 2000AD #1826, we have a varied line-up of various titles. So let’s take a closer look at Judge Dredd, Dandridge, Tharg’s 3rillers, Stickleback and Zombo.

First up is the usual slice of Judge Dredd. This is the start of a new arc, written by Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby. Its a bit more surreal than most Dredd stories, but fits in with a lot of the more wacky ‘psy’ aspects of the setting. This is certainly shaping up to be something interesting, even if its not as instantly action-packed as Dredd usually is.

After this is the continuing Dandridge. Alec Worley continues to write an interesting tale set in a slightly bizarre universe full of the paranormal. This issue establishes a lot more of the story, whilst Warren Pleece continues to offer depth and definition to this more unusual setting.

Tharg’s 3rillers also continues its current run this week, with Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby continuing to offer an exciting and unusual script. Its still full of plenty of nerd and geek culture references however, although a pub called Rassilon Arms would be pretty cool. The plot itself isn’t the most in-depth, but its got plenty of humor and quick pacing to make up for it.

Likewise, we have more Stickleback, too. D’Israeli offers more striking visuals that capture and define the weird and wonderful setting that Ian Edginton continues to write. This issue is another slow-issue, offering more personal development with a little plot exposition thrown in. Still, with such a unique and fantastical setting, sometimes its nice to take the slow route.

Finally, things round off with the second part of the current Zombo story. Whilst its not as funny as last weeks, Al Ewing still offers a bizarre and abstract setting and universe. Whilst the previous joke and take on The Sc4rabs was enjoyable, its stretched very thinly in this issue. That said there’s still plenty of development within, its just hard to pick apart the useful parts from the fantastical and crazy nonsense that Zombo throws along the way.


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