2000AD #1823 Review


It just wouldn’t be a week of comics without good old 2000AD. This is no different with 2000AD #1823, offering the usual blend of science fiction and fantasy comic works. This week we have Judge Dredd, Savage, Past Imperfect, and The Red Seas. Let’s take a closer look at each.

As always, we start with the opening Judge Dredd. Penned by T.C Eglington, this one shot  is and neat and tidily wrapped up issue, dressed in a typical Dredd art style by Karl Richardson. Its a good story that manages to throw a decent twist and turn here and there, with a satisfying ending as well. That said, expect more “post-chaos bug” themes as always, which may or may not suit your tastes.

Next is Savage. honestly, this might be one of the best samples of Savage yet. Pat Mill’s  writing really gets into the war-time aspects and themes of the title. This is something that builds upon previous issues, combining separate areas to show various gritty war aspects that are only highlighted more by the black and white artwork of Patrick Goddard.

There’s an interesting one shot this week in the form of Past Imperfect. When it opens to an utopian Cuba, complete with tobacco-farms on the moon, the writing by Montynero easily draws you in. The art by Simon Fraser goes well with the colorful style of Gary Caldwell, all helping to fit the script and setting. That said, this one-shot has a unique and interesting ending; one that I’d rather not spoil.

After this comes the end of The Red Seas. This is the end of the current tale, and in many ways is one for the long time fans. Ian Edginton rights in a few big cathartic moments, but a lot of the dialogue reflects past adventures and chapters. That said, the ending is satisfying enough, and the art work by Steve Yeowell also does its part to reward readers for sticking through what is, at times, not the easiest of lore to follow.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/ashley.beeching.3 Ashley Beeching

    2000ad rules! That is all.

  • swatzy

    it would be better to review next weeks prog, as it will be a jumping on point rather than between or at the end of storys. I want that 5/5…..