2000AD #1820 Review


Another week brings 2000AD #1820 and, with it, the same sci-fi fantasy comic work that’s been a staple in the magazine of late. This means there’s continuations of Judge Dredd, Savage, Ampney Crucis Investigates, The Red Seas and Strontium Dog. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Judge Dredd sees the start of a new arc, and new developments for Mega-City One. This issue draws on some of the events of the Chaos Bug attack, leading to some obvious conclusions that draw parallels with various points in modern history. Its a simple tale with big ramifications. Its also a rather personal tale, where Dredd himself only plays a minor role.

As for Savage, this story seems to be coming to an end. This issue carries on the gritty war themes that Savage is known for, whilst also exploring some of the political background of the setting. Its effective, and the cliffhanger ending will definitely leave you wanting more Savage.

This is followed by Ampney Crucis Investigates, a story that’s difficult to describe or follow. That said, its a definitely interesting read, full of wonderful and weird ideas and designs, all sold through the beautiful and somewhat quirky artwork. The plot itself is still very much in the swing of things, but resolution can wait when the journey is this interesting.

As for The Red Seas, this issue sees continues the personal confrontations and themes from the last few weeks. Things certainly come to a head but, as with anything related to The Red Seas, nothing ever stays simple for long.

Finally, we have Strontium Dog. The current arc has been an impressive story, rife with political themes set in a unique futuristic setting. None the less, its still a personal story of Johnny Alpha, and fans get to see both this and the wider conflicts come to a conclusion, or at least begin to.


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