2000AD #1819 Review


Its another week, so here’s another issue of 2000AD. This week in 2000AD #1819 we have Judge Dredd, SavageAmpney Crucis Investigates, The Red Seas and Strontium Dog.

First up is the regular Judge Dredd. A quick, short story, this issue sees another focus on the titular Judge. Of course, there are still repercussions from the Chaos Bug, and Judge Dredd isn’t done telling those tales just yet; this is an interesting read, even if its not very deep.

Secondly we have Savage. This continues the gritty war themes Savage is known far, although its not without its share of humor when it comes to the hammersteins. Despite featuring robots, this is still a very human story.

After this is the weird and wonderful of Ampney Crucis Investigates. This is continues the plot. Somewhere between a detective story, a fantasy novel and a parallel universe art piece, there are so many ways to approach the story and artwork that a second read through never hurts.

Following this is the continuing tale of The Red Seas. Its a bit dialogue heavy, but this issue explores more of the concepts found in The Red Seas, offering intrigue and insight over action and adventure.

Finally, we have Strontium Dog. Things are really starting to come to a head, and the writing and dialogue gives a heavy sense of suspense and climax. With the heavy themes and undertones, Strontium Dog may just be the one to watch for in the next few issues.


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