2000AD #1815 Review

As always, there’s another issue of 2000AD. This week in 2000AD #1815 there’s Judge Dredd, Savage, Ampney Crucis Investigates, The Red Seas and Strontium Dog. Let’s take a closer look.

As usual, the issue opens up with Judge Dredd. This closes off the small arc with Judge Heller. Its been a decent, small story, especially with the titular Judge playing a secondary role to Heller. Its a simple story, but one with a strong redemption theme and surprisingly satisfying conclusion.

Second is Savage. This is quite action packed, despite being a short number of pages. Yet it gets to the point, mainly through dialogue. The artwork is there to look pretty, which is exactly what it does. It’s rich and full of detail, despite being black and white.

After this is Ampney Crucis Investigates. This has always been an odd and unusual series, and this week’s sample is no different. Whether its the strange plot, unique setting or the general art style, this is a story that draws attention to itself. This week simply sets up more exposition, although readers of the series have probably caught on to most of the points raised by now.

The Red Seas also continues this week. Its mostly anticipation and suspense, but its not without the typical charm (and occasional sense of humor) that The Red Seas is known for.

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Finally, we also have the continuing Strontium Dog. Things certainly kick up a notch, as Strontium Dog has its fair share of tension and action as things move into a bigger scale. With its vibrant artwork and strong action-theme, this is something for anyone who wants a fast paced read.

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