2000AD #1813 Review


Getting back into the typical swing of things, 2000AD #1813 offers some of the usual science fiction & fantasy goodness. This week we have Judge Dredd, Savage, Ampney Crucis Investigates, The Red Seas and Strontium Dog, so lets take a closer look.

This weeks Judge Dredd hones in on a more personal story, which makes a nice contrast from recent events. In fact, this issue follows another Judge all together. Dredd’s still involved, of course, but the fresh perspective provides yet another view of mega city one, which is always useful.

Moving on, Savage offers its fresh perspective on an alternative universe that shares much with ABC Warriors. Showing a very human side, however, the drama and tension is more political.

After this is Ampney Crucis Investigates shows another take on an alternative universe. This one is much more exotic, shown best through the colorful yet defined artwork. The plot itself is intriguing, with turns and twists at just the right moments to keep readers wanting more.

Following on from this, there’s the continuation of The Red Seas. This title has always been a bit quirky, and this week’s is putting this to extremes. Despite what is otherwise a very serious plot, the fantastical setting and nature makes for quite an unusual read.

Finally, we have Strontium Dog. This issue is certainly action packed, with gun fights, chases and everything else you could want.

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