2000AD #1812


The culmination of several weeks and issues worth of storytelling and planning, three of the most interesting titles in 2000AD combine to form one interlinking finale. In short, its safe to say 2000AD #1812 is a unique and excellent issue for the magazine, and I would recommend it to anyone. Especially, of course, those with an interest for mega city one.

This issue is just one story, almost like a typical comic, that combines the characters and plot ends from Judge Dredd, Dirty Frank and The Simping Detective.

The story itself is very well written. Each character and story line gets its moments without being forced. As the elements combine together, everything flows naturally, allowing for an easy and highly enjoyable read. Whilst Dredd is generally serious, the moments from Jack Point and Frank certainly add a sense of humor. Overall, this issue isn’t as funny as the two supporting titles, feeling more like an, admittedly epic, Judge Dredd story, but it has its fair share of humor when it doesn’t get in the way.

My one complaint, however, would be the art. Whilst the writing is excellent and captures the mood of each character, the art is all in the style of Judge Dredd. Whilst this doesn’t make it less enjoyable, it would have been nice to see some of the art for The Simping Detective and Dirty Frank. Their individual art styles, whilst not colorful like that of Dredd, certainly lend themselves to their respective atmospheres, something that is slightly missing in the issue as a result.

So, was it successful? I certainly think so. As a one-off, this is a brilliant way to reward long time fans, as well as giving mega city one some of the attention it deserves. Even if you’re not up to date with the current plot line, this issue is still easily worth a read through.

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Whilst I suspect 2000AD will be going back to its regular style for a long while (fans of Brass Sun, ABC Warriors and the other usual titles will no doubt miss their weekly slice of comic goodness), I would certainly look forward to something like this again in the future.

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