2000AD #1811 Review



Another week and another issue of 2000AD. The issue, 2000AD #1811, has the usual line up of late. With Judge Dredd, Brass Sun, ABC Warriors, Low Life and The Simping Detective, there’s a lot to look at.

This weeks slice of Judge Dredd is certainly action packed, but things have been building up for a while. Needless to say, things kick off and anyone with an interest for Dredd or Mega City One will be pleased with this issue. The action is fluid, violent and typically Dredd.

This is followed by Brass Sun. This issue closes the first chapter of the series, ending on a typical cliffhanger. With unusual artwork and a rich background, this title is still going strong, twelve issues in.

After this is ABC Warriors. This issue leaps the story back to the ‘present’ set on Mars. Whilst the plot itself is mainly dialogue, the full colour really makes the most of some amazing artwork. This is definitely worth a look for the artwork itself, whilst the writing certainly leads into something that will no doubt be explored later.

Following this is Low Life. This kicks off concurrently with this week’s Dredd, but Low Life continues its sense of charm and humor. The writing is as funny and strange as ever. This week, there’s even a slight star wars reference included.

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Finally, we have The Simping Detective, also running in tandem with Dredd and Low Life. This issue puts a lot of the pieces together, as the three Mega-City One titles start to merge together. The Simping Detective has a cameo appearance from both Dredd and Low Life followed by a final page that will get many excited, promising more to come from this massive and engaging story threaded throughout three different titles.

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