2000AD #1810 Review


This week’s 2000AD offers the usual selection of science fiction, fantasy and everything in between. In 2000AD #1810, we have Judge Dredd, ABC Warriors, Low Life, Brass Sun and The Simping Detective, so let’s take a closer look at each.

In this week’s sampling of Judge Dredd is certainly action packed. With a few bad ass moments from the Judge himself, the rest of the plot resolves around the recent happenings shown in previous issues. As a stand alone read, its exciting none the less, with a few twists and turns to keep you interested. Sharp eyes might also notice someone from the Simping Religion making a quick cameo appearance, too.

Moving on to ABC Warriors, and the action really picks up. Surprisingly, this isn’t from the robots though, but from a death match between world leaders; a prime example of ABC Warriors grim setting.Of course, Hammerstein and the usual robots are in it too, so there’s no need to worry.

Following this, Low Life continues its witty and bizarre tale. Astute readers will notice this picks up at one of the same scenes shown in this weeks Dredd. It seems that all the Mega City One related stories are tying together, and this suits me just fine; it shows Mega City One as a living breathing world, rather than just Judge Dredd looking angry all the time.

After this is Brass Sun. This plot is moving slowly, but its interesting none the less, offering insights into the world and the occasional plot twist. With a unique art style, its certainly refreshing between the science-fiction heavy pages of this issue.

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Finally, we have The Simping Detective. This its usual self, providing a gritty and urban story with a dark sense of humor. This isn’t the most funny issue, but the striking artwork and tense story make it a worthy read none the less.

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