2000AD #1809 Review

Another week, another issue of 2000 AD. This week, we have Judge Dredd, Low Life, ABC Warriors, Brass Sun and The Simping Detective, so lets take a closer look.

First up is the typical Judge Dredd segment. Things haven’t been going well in Mega City One, and this segment shows a lot of the tension. A very atmospheric and moody piece, there isn’t much action in Judge Dredd this week – although that doesn’t look set to last long.

This is followed by the continuation of Low Life.  This is a very short piece, and its not the most straight forward either. That said, its charming, quirky and surprisingly addictive, something that Low Life has always demonstrated.

Next is more ABC Warriors, with its usual offering of amazing artwork and funky robots. There’s not much to say without spoiling the plot, but this certainly moves the pace along, giving plenty of developments and a small amount of closure. That being said, nothing ever seems to stay pleasant in ABC Warriors for long.

There’s also more Brass Sun this week, too. This issue explores more of the unique setting, with some intrigue and plot thrown in. The plot isn’t the most engaging or straightforward, but the design elements always make these pages worth a flick through.

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Finally, the issue ends with more The Simping Detective. This is its typically brilliant self, moody yet whimsical with a dry sense of humor. With out ruining anything, get to the end and see the pun this week ends on. Its a ‘so awful its funny’ joke that suits the character and story extremely well. Also, the artwork splashes into colour for one panel; its not much, but it shows more artistic talent hiding behind the scenes, and that’s always good.

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