2000AD #1802 Review


This weeks issue, 2000AD #1801, as always, offers a selection of unique and interesting comics. So, let’s have a look.

First up is the ever present Judge Dredd. This weeks sample is particularly good, bringing several elements together. Bringing up recent history, such as the chaos bug, with older stories, there is a strong sense of an etched out history here. Of course, this has its effects on the titular Judge. None the less, and interesting and engaging issue.

Next up is Bob Birne’s Twisted Tales. This one-shot is definitely worth a look. Its disturbing, twisted and brilliant. With minimal dialogue, this is a very menacing story, if only because its not what you would expect. Yet it will make perfect sense by the end.

This is followed by Brass Sun. This story is still interesting, even if it has a slow pace. Yet it has its share of surprises and suspense, and knows how to keep an audience engaged.

ABC Warriors is next. This sample focuses on a singular robot, but none the less provides plenty of depth and story. This issue also explores more of the background of ABC Warriors, which is handy for new readers. Also, the artwork is still very impressive and detailed, just what you need for a story featuring cool robots.

Finally, there is the continuation of Grey Area. This story is definitely getting interesting, providing an alien twist on typical detective themes. With the likes of “diplomatic immunity” banded around, this title has more politics involved in it then the other titles. Still, its also got a cool alien in it, and the artwork and dialogue sells it well (such as the aliens choice of human artwork).

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