2000AD #1796 Review

For the last few weeks, 2000AD has had some new titles, and some consistency in its showcasing. This is the case this week, highlighting the strengths of its various titles.

First, as always, is Judge Dredd. Closing the current arc, this issue sees a lot of resolutions in the current conflict. Of course, as with anything in Dredd, neither side is truly correct (the judges are far from perfect). None the less, its a successful ending, full of explosions fighting and occasional snappy dialogue.

Following shortly behind this is The Red Seas. This explosive issue ties in a lot of the previous issues. It may be difficult to follow, but its certainly entertaining. Its not the end of the current story, but it provides a lot of initial closure, and answer some of the many, many questions the series causes.

Next is Aquila. This sample is beginning to answer some of its questions. With the titular character in prison, this is more dialogue heavy than usual, but its not without suspense. War looms on the horizon, and the current developments certainly make this an intriguing prospect.

This is followed once again by The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael. Leading into what looks like a gripping conclusion, this series has really demonstrated itself lately. The characters feel much more developed, even Charon, and the mythos behind the universe is fleshed out enough to make sense. This all being understood, the climatic scenes and drama are beginning to take on a greater meaning, resulting in a more intense read.

Finally, there is the continuation of Lenny Zero. This issue isn’t the most dramatic, but the suspense makes it exciting enough. This issue simply establishes the ground for the actual heist. It puts the pieces in place, without giving too much away of course, and builds up the tension. I’m still enjoying this series, watching life in Mega-City One from a view point other than Judge Dredd makes this story even better.



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